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What I’d Tell My 46-Year-Old Self

We’ve all seen some great articles and blog posts about what people would tell their younger selves. I particularly loved my Columbia University instructor (and celebrated author) Nova Ren Suma’s Dear Teen Me entry.




After a year of growth and change, and in honor of my 46th birthday, I decided that instead of writing to my former self, giving her a pep talk or telling her something along the lines of ‘everything will be OK,’ I’d write to my current self. They’re reminders to myself that I hope will resonate with you no matter what your age or where you are in life. I invite you to share your own notes to yourself below!

1. Do whatever you can to inject joy into your day AND into someone else’s day. 
2. Instead of trying to FIND time for what’s important to you, MAKE time for what’s important to you. 
3. Know that everyone does their best even if they don’t do things how/the way you would or think they should.
4. Surround yourself with well-wishing, like/minded people. But don’t shut out the select few who you know will inject reality/perspective and be honest with you even when the truth hurts. 
5. Go out of your comfort zone sometimes. You may surprise yourself and actually enjoy it!
6. Know that it’s not all about you. It never is, and that’s OK. 
7. Be spontaneous. Sometimes there’s fun and joy to be found even if something’s not on the calendar. 
8. If there’s something you really want or need to do, do it today. There may not be a tomorrow. 
9. You’re beautiful no matter what size you are, what haircut you have or what the number on the scale says. The inner you always matters more than the outer you. Same applies to others.
10. Talk less and listen more. It’s great to talk but better to listen so you can really hear and better understand what someone else has to say. You may even learn something!
11. Guard your writing time. It’s OK to shut out the world for a few hours several days a week to do what’s professionally and spiritually important to/good for you. 
12. Always do your best, be good to yourself and others, admit and apologize for mistakes and learn from them. 
13. Instead of wasting time lamenting about things/people who disappoint you, celebrate those who are there for you. 
14. No one is perfect, and if you truly love someone you’ll accept them warts and all. (Unless their warts are really really hairy.)
15. Stay on course and keep doing what you’re doing! 




What motivating things would you tell your current self to help you get/stay motivated to live a happy, healthy and inspired life? 



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