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To My Sons (and to Myself), in Honor of Mother’s Day

When they’re born, you hold them so tight
When anything’s wrong, you make everything right

They can make no mistakes, they’re just learning their way
And you hold their hands and guide their day

As they learn to do more things  on their own,
They trip, they fall, and you throw them a bone.

They push and pull but at the end of the day
They just want you close to them as they lay

They go off to school and camp on their own
And there’s more and more proof, over time, how they’ve grown

They speak of their challenges, their highs and their lows
And how they thrived despite some blows

Your pride overwhelms you,
You know you played a part
In showing them the way
To live with heart

To be kind and polite and have respect for others
To work hard and play hard and treat friends like brothers

They may hate you or love you intensely at times
Roll their eyes at you sometimes but always end with a smile

Your journey is long but you know it’s just a phase
For soon they’ll be gone and you’ll all part ways

They’ll start their own lives and have families of their own
But you know that’s what must be done when they’re truly grown

You’ll laugh and you’ll cry and think back to the days
When all they did was love you with their innocent gaze

You know you’ll survive and accept what will be
Because you too have done to your mom what you will soon have to see

So enjoy the moments, they go much too fast
And savor each day as if it’s your last

Being a mother is the greatest gift ever
And their love is yours for now and forever

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Elisa Zied is a nationally recognized and award-winning health and nutrition expert, author, speaker, and spokesperson. A trusted source of food, nutrition, and health information, Elisa has garnered millions of media impressions, lending her expertise and real-world perspective to dozens of TV shows, web sites, news organizations and magazines. She’s the author of four nutrition books. An avid walker, she loves motivating others to #moveitorloseit. A book lover, she recently earned a certificate in children’s literature from Stony Brook Southampton and is currently working on several young adult novels. You can find her previous Food, Fitness & Fiction posts here and connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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