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The Scoop on Food: Help Your Kids Eat (and Drink) Better

It’s been almost two months since The Scoop on Food–my new Magazine blog–debuted. I’ve really enjoyed writing it, getting feedback, and hearing ideas for future topics from parents and those who work with children. Please keep the comments coming!

In case you missed any of my posts, I’ve provided links below. I invite you to subscribe to the feed and to continue to send me your thoughts and ideas for future posts. Because when it comes to feeding kids and helping them live a more healthful lifestyle, we’re all in this together!

Empty Calories and Kids

Obesity and Children: Can We Reverse the Trend?

Sports Drinks and Active Kids

The Right to Know About GMOs

Is Fast Food OK for Kids?

Kids an Sodium: Should Parents Be Concerned?

Should Kids Not Eat Meat?

The Benefits of Family Meals

Should We Screen Kids’ Screen Time?

Health Campaign Says No to Soda

Saying No to Artificially Sweetened Milk

Flower Fathead

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