3 Strategies to Reduce Stress Eating

Want to reduce stress eating? Here’s a tease for my latest Success Magazine column. No matter how motivated you are to eat well, you might find yourself seeking solace from food. My friend Christine said a combination of work pressure and a challenging relationship recently led her to binge on… Read More

3 Strategies to Reduce Stress Eating

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New Report Says Americans Are Stressed

According to the latest Stress in America Survey conducted annually by the America Psychological Association, average stress levels have decreased since 2007. Despite this downward trend, many Americans say they continue to struggle to achieve their healthy living goals and that stress adversely affects their eating and sleeping habits. The… Read More

Food, Fitness, Sleep and Connection: Coping With a Mother’s Illness

This recently appeared on’s Eat + Run blog. As an Eat + Run blogger, I’ve written about everything from sleep to fitness trackers and apps, from food and fitness trends to so much more. Today, I decided to get personal and share what recently happened to my mother, how… Read More

Food, Fitness, Sleep and Connection: Coping With a Mother’s Illness

Here I share a personal story about my mother’s recent illness and how it affected me in my Eat + Run blog. I hope that it resonates with you and helps you be able to get through the tough times with your habits–and your health–intact.… Read More

Stress-Related Eating Among Kids: How Parents Can Help

Stress doesn’t just impact parents; kids feel it too! Here’s my new post for The Scoop on Food,, to help you help kids stress less and take better care of themselves. If you’ve ever allowed stress to make you reach for a cupcake, bowl of ice cream or jar… Read More

5 Creative Ways to Cope With Cravings

My interview on cravings for HuffPo.… Read More

Do You Need Stressipes?

I’m thrilled to announce that my new web series, Stressipes, debuted on You Tube! Stressipes (rhymes with recipes) are solutions for the negative ways stress affects what (and how much) you eat, how you move, how well and how much you sleep, and how you handle all the things in… Read More

5 Minute Fixes for the Frazzled

We all get frazzled this time of year! But doing a few of these 5 minute fixes (many that involve food, fitness, and friends) a few times a day will help you feel better, and in some cases, burn calories or check off items on your to do list. So… Read More