What Do Coloradans Know About Fitness That You Don’t?

Learn about the new book, State of Slim, in this interview with its authors in

How to Sit Less & Move More

Here are 5 of my “Stressipes” to help you sit less and move more,

Move It or Lose It Model of The Month

I’m thrilled to share the story of an inspiring woman who has set a goal to #moveitorloseit for all the right reasons. Check out our interview below to see why my RD colleague and Twitter friend, 37 year-old Alexandra Lautenschlaeger (@alexikscott) from Spartanberg, South Carolina and Frankfurt, Germany is the #moveitorloseit Model of the Month    Continue Reading

Stay Fit Without Setting Foot in The Gym

“If you’re like most Americans who want to stay fit and active, there’s a good chance that if you haven’t already (or recently) joined a gym, the thought has likely crossed your mind—especially as the new year approaches.” Read more of my blog post for US News & World Report’s Eat + Run.   buy    Continue Reading

#MoveItOrLoseIt Model of the Month: Update on November’s Model

In this monthly post, I highlight one person who embodies the concept of #moveitorloseit –a concept I share proudly on both Twitter and Facebook. To me, #moveitorloseit is not at all about moving it in order to lose weight…it’s about staying active and fit consistently, regularly, and enjoyably to stay sane and centered despite—and in    Continue Reading

Diet + Fitness Tips to Help You Sleep

My recent post on the US News and World Report blog, Eat + Run.

Play 20 Questions with Shawn Johnson & Olympic Hopefuls

              Do you or your kids have a burning food, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle or all around silly question for Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Shawn Johnson and current Olympic hopefuls? 20 of your questions will be answered by several amazing, inspiring athletes during the Summer Olympics. As part of P&G’s    Continue Reading

Walking More’s Half Marathon

Here’s a recap of my experience crossing the finish line (with a little help from my friends) at the More/Fitness Half Marathon this past April.

What Keeps the Pros on Their Toes?

As I approach the finish line of training to walk the More/Fitness Half Marathon on April 15, 2012, I have thought a lot about why it is I’m so motivated to move. In one post on, I talked about how friends, especially those who struggle with health issues, motivated me to fully take advantage    Continue Reading

Walking More’s Half Marathon: Halfway There

6 weeks to go until the More/Fitness Half Marathon! See how I’m faring on