Keep the Muscle, Hold the Fat

I recently had the pleasure of attending a lecture by orthopedic surgeon Vonda Wright. I was also proud to endorse her book Fitness After 40, and as a 41 year old was inspired and encouraged by what she had to say. I’ve been a fitness buff (not an extreme one—but… Read More

From Me to Oprah: Why Should We Care How Much Bristol Palin Weighs?

The other day, I was called by a reporter from the New York Daily News to comment on why Bristol Palin appeared to have gained weight despite burning tons of calories during her stint on ABC’s popular show, Dancing With The Stars. As a registered dietitian and past spokesperson for… Read More

From Me To Oprah: Shock And Pour; Soda And Obesity

For this week’s From Me to Oprah: Weekly Tips for Managing Weight and Life,  I decided to weigh in on the latest ad from the New York City Department of Health. In this 30-second video called “Are You Pouring on the Pounds?”  a man is shown drinking globs of what’s… Read More