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So You Fight!


Maroon Bells, Aspen, Colorado, July 2017


When it looks like your world is falling apart,

When you lose your balance, your patience, your heart

You reach for, collect, and gather the threads

Of things you don’t understand as you try to make sense

You read, you examine, you ponder, you press

When you can’t wrap your head around the utter mess

You try to grab hold or struggle to grasp

To find that button, that harness, that clasp

But soon you realize it’s nowhere, the void is too vast

So you search for the future and long for the past

“They” say move on, to “accept,” to “resign”

To the facts as they are, not the ones you design

But when what you see hurts, makes you feel more alone

When it cuts through your skin, your bones, your soul

You have to stand up, stand tall, stand strong

Write new lyrics to an unfamiliar song

When you share your words, spread hope and love,

Many will sing, and together, you rise and shine above

Still, some will ignore or belittle your song

Berate and bully you, say you don’t belong

So you fight!

You fight atop shoulders of the past

Because you know that, in the end,

only truth, only goodness, will last

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