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Pregnant? New Book Helps You Boost Nutrition in the Kitchen

When you’re pregnant, symptoms like fatigue and nausea make it harder to not only food shop, but spend time preparing healthy meals for yourself, your unborn child, and the rest of your family. The new book, Pregnancy Cooking & Nutrition for DUMMIES®, is a great new resource for future and seasoned moms alike. Written by my colleague and friend, registered dietitian Tara Gidus, this book is a handy resource to use not only during pregnancy, but beyond as you strive to get back your body and at the same time, feed yourself and your growing family healthfully and deliciously.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Tara about the book. Here’s what she had to say:

EZ: Tara, I love your new book and wish I had it when I was pregnant with my two sons! I can see it’s a must-read book for every mom-to-be (and for those pregnant more than once). Why should this book be front-and-center on a pregnant woman’s kitchen counter?

TG: The nature of a “For DUMMIES®” book lends to breaking things down in a simple, straightforward manner. You get just what you need in a way you can understand it right away.  Nutrition is a complex science, and pregnancy nutrition can be really confusing with lots of misinformation out there, so this book aims to clear up the confusion and give you what you need to feed your body right so you can have a healthy baby.  It also includes 100 mouth-watering recipes that were carefully designed to have specific nutrients that are ideal for pregnancy.  It also includes sample meal plans to guide you through each trimester, including a meal plan for nursing moms and for weight loss after your bundle arrives.

EZ: We know pregnancy puts increased demands on women’s bodies. What are the key nutritional needs of pregnant women? And what about older moms and moms-to-be–what extra nutritional concerns do they have?

TG: Pregnancy is a time of life when nutrition is paramount–you are fueling yourself as well as growing another human being!  Special attention needs to go to calories, protein, omega-3 fats, and certain vitamins and minerals like iron and folate in order to provide everything both mom and baby need.  Older moms don’t necessarily have different nutritional needs when it comes to pregnancy, but they do need to be careful about overall calories to prevent themselves from gaining too much weight and having a hard time losing it again.

EZ: What 5 gadgets or appliances  do you recommend pregnant moms keep in their kitchens to prepare healthful meals in a jif?

TG: A microwave! Sometimes you just don’t have time or energy to cook (that fatigue can really get to you!), so microwave meals can be a lifesaver! I’d also recommend a blender. The book has several recipes for smoothies, ideal for on-the-go breakfast or snacks that pack in nutrients! Another must-have is a refrigerator thermometer.  Keeping food safe is really important, especially when you’re pregnant. Keeping your fridge at the proper temperature will allow you to keep meats, dairy, and produce safer. Soap and sanitizers are also essential.  Washing hands is the single best way to prevent illness. Having these things serves as a reminder to wash and/or sanitize your hands and all cooking surfaces often. Finally, it’s a great idea to have a meat thermometer.  All meats need to be cooked to the proper temperature, and the only real way to know the temperature is to stick that thermometer into the center of the cooked piece of meat.

Check out a delicious French Toast recipe from the book on

Source: Tara Gidus, MS, RD, is the nutrition advisor to American Baby magazine, the team dietitian for the Orlando Magic, and currently appears as the “Diet Diva” on the national television show, The Daily Buzz. Pregnancy Cooking & Nutrition for DUMMIES® can be found at or wherever books are sold.

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