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My Poems by Joanna Crowell

When I attended YALLFEST in Charleston, South Carolina this past fall, I had the pleasure of interviewing the inspiring children’s book author Kwame Alexander. An added bonus was meeting his dear and talented friend, Joanna Crowell (pictured with me below). We bonded instantly!




Crowell is a poet, playwright, photographer, actress, and nutrition enthusiast. She is also the author of i ate a rainbow for breakfast: poems & performances.



I’m honored to share the following poem (reposted with permission) from Crowell’s book. It is both beautiful and thought-provoking.


He asks,

“What do you do with your poems?”


I reply:


I play with them. I fight with them. I flirt with

them. I avert from them. I dress up for them. I am

stripped down by them. I skinny dip into them. I

dance naked on them. Yeah, I even get jiggy wit’

em! I sing the blues out of them. I pour the joy

back into them. I open my French doors for them.

I abstain from them. I get wet waiting for them.

I am a drunken fool for them. I take twelve steps

toward them. I am sobered by them.


I carve them. I chip away at them. I get into the

grooves of them. I smooth my surfaces with them.

I accept my flaws because of them. I am flattered

by them. I am humbled in them. I am beautiful.

To them.


I stop to smell the roses with them. I notice every

detail in them. I pick them. I am pricked by them.

I bleed with them. I die in them. I ascend to

them. I am reborn through them. I birth them.


I hold hands with them. I face my fears with

them. I tremble in them. I share my secrets with

them. I share my secrets with the world through

them. I cry for the world on them. My tears are

caught by them. I am baptized by them. I drown

in them. I float above them. I am consoled by

them. I find my soul in them. I am emboldened

by them. I am subtle in them. I cuddle with them.

I like to spoon with them. I become consumed by

them. I taste every vowel of them. I swallow the

sum of them. I drink every consonant of them. I

am quenched by them.


I breathe them. I live them.


I am them.


And then


I give them away.


To learn more about Crowell, visit her website.


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