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CBS's The Early Show

All Snacks Are NOT Created Equal—Dietician Elisa Zied: Snacks Don't Have To Be Waste Of Calories — They Can Be Nutritious

Mar 06, 2007 Video Network

Fake Food?

Mar 06, 2007


CBS's The Early Show

Feeding Kids Right—Nutritionist Elisa Zied On Keeping Children At Healthy Weight

Mar 05, 2007


CNN's American Morning

Refrigerator Check Up

Feb 13, 2007



Energy Drinks And Exercise, A Dangerous Blend

Feb 10, 2007


CBS's The Early Show

Deciphering Food Labels

Jan 26, 2007


CBS's The Early Show

Good-for-You Fats

Jan 03, 2007


FOX 5 New York's Fox News

Happy Holidays, Now Hit the Gym!

Dec 17, 2006


NBC's The Today Show

Conquering the hidden fats in your kitchen

Oct 25, 2006


VH1's All Access

20 Skinniest Celebrities

Oct 09, 2006

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