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Lose Weight with Diabetes







When you have diabetes, it’s hard enough to deal with that, let alone worry about your weight. Thankfully, a new book by registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator Jill Weisenberger called Diabetes Weight Loss: Week by Week is here to help. Check out my interview with Jill about her book below:

EZ: What makes this book different from other books that are aimed at those with diabetes?

JW: Diabetes Weight Loss Week by Week doesn’t give a prescribed diet. There are many paths to a healthy plate. Since everyone’s diabetes, medications, food preferences and life are different, the diet should be different too. Instead of following rules and relying on willpower, my readers develop skills and learn to rely on these skills and strategies. The book spans a full year to give support and structure long enough for the reader to fully integrate their new plan.

EZ: Why is it crucial for those with diabetes to lose weight? What’s in it for them?

JW: The underlying problem behind type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance—when the body doesn’t use insulin efficiently. Weight loss improves insulin resistance. Dropping a few pounds helps people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes prevent or delay complications. Besides, losing weight just makes us more energized. The good news is that even small amounts of weight loss improve health and in a number of ways. It’s far better to lose 10 pounds and keep it off than to lose 50 pounds and gain it back.

EZ: Your book provides a one-year plan to help those with diabetes lose weight. What would you say to those who are anxious to lose weight and think a one-year time frame for doing so is just too long?

JW: Weight loss should never be a race. The one-year plan is important for the structure it offers. Losing weight is just plain hard, and the more structure and support dieters have, the more successful I expect them to be. Weight loss and the lifelong maintenance of that weight loss require lifelong behavior change. Rapid weight loss does little to help people develop the skills necessary for that.

EZ: What would you say to people who think they need to avoid all sugar or starchy foods if they have diabetes?

JW: They will be so happy to know that’s not true. The overall amount of carbohydrate is far more important than the type of carbohydrate. Make an appointment with a registered dietitian skilled in diabetes management to learn how to balance the whole diet without banning any food forever.

EZ: What are 3 takeaways from the book for those with or without diabetes who want to lose weight and keep it off? 

JW: (1) Set behavioral goals. Focus on changing your behavior and the weight loss and health improvements follow. (2) Understand that weight loss is not a race. (3) Expect that sometimes you won’t want to do this anymore. Plan for that now. To build motivation, make a Motivation Kit.  Collect those things that motivate you and keep them handy in a box or notebook. Add to it often. You might collect your list of reasons to lose weight, photos, magazine articles, inspirational quotations, affirmations, a picture of what you plan to reward yourself with— anything and everything that motivates you.

Full disclosure: I received a review copy of Diabetes Weight Loss: Week by Week from the publisher.


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