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Hope Lingers


How do you hope when it feels out of reach

How do you hope when the haters leach

Their anger, their madness into the air  

The stench of their fury too awful to bear

When you look up to find the answers you need

A strong, courageous mentor to lead

There’s no one and nothing to show you the way

Only a dark, empty shadow to guide you astray

How do you love when there’s so much to hate

Do you surrender the choices you make to fate

Do you open your arms to those who want your demise

Do you run or hide, or stare into their eyes  

When you try to live on the right side of right

Sometimes you struggle to stay in the fight

But hope longs and lingers to show you the way

Hope keeps the promise of another day

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About The Author

Elisa Zied is a nationally recognized and award-winning health and nutrition expert, author, speaker, and spokesperson. A trusted source of food, nutrition, and health information, Elisa has garnered millions of media impressions, lending her expertise and real-world perspective to dozens of TV shows, web sites, news organizations and magazines. She’s the author of four nutrition books. An avid walker, she loves motivating others to #moveitorloseit. A book lover, she recently earned a certificate in children’s literature from Stony Brook Southampton and is currently working on several young adult novels. You can find her previous Food, Fitness & Fiction posts here and connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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