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From Me To Oprah: Why Now Is Not The Time For Me To Have My OWN Show

Anyone who knows me knows that having my own tv show has been on my bucket list for years and years. Through all my work over the years, I have shared the ins and outs of what I know and continue to learn each and every day about healthful eating and about living life to the fullest. I have tried to express the fact that we all need to make the most of all the strengths, qualities, and even weaknesses God has given each and every one of us and to find a way to come to peace with it all and to find a way to balance everything on our plates to live more fulfilled lives.

Of course when I heard about your new OWN network, and the fact that you were looking for the next big tv star–you’re inviting submissions of 3 minute demo tapes of what we have to offer and why one of us should be the chosen one to have our own OWN show– I immediately started thinking of all the things I’d put on my tape. It would definitely include some jugglng and tap dancing- those are a given. I would spend about 30 seconds showing you why I’m perfectly suited to have my own show– after all, you have to BELIEVE in yourself (and in this case, believe you are worthy of having your own show)– why even waste time making a tape showing how wonderfully suited to TV you are if you don’t really believe you are ?!. The rest of the time–about 2-1/2 minutes–I’d spend showing you and viewers what’s in it for them..what they’d learn, how they’d feel empowered to make changes in their lives to be healthier, happier, more centered, yada yada yada. I even thought up my intro (you’ll either laugh or cringe at this next part–so proceed with caution)…..I’d sing to the music of the song Oklahoma (the Broadway musical)…..the first stanza would start like this:

“OOOOOOOOOOprah Winfrey, time has come for me to have my show…

With nutrition smarts, a big fat heart, I’ll help viewers feel they’re in the know…

When it comes to fooooooooooood……..I’ll show you how to choose and make it taste divine..

Work in heathy eats and favorite treats whether chocolate, butter, beer or wine!”

I even solicited my very talented mother, who is currently working on a Liberace musical for Broadway, to help me with the rest of the lyrics.

But then I read the fine print on your OWN web site–it went something like this: MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR 10 DAYS IN JULY….and MUST BE ABLE TO MOVE ANYWHERE FOR UP TO 6 WEEKS.

Oprah–I LOVE and REVERE you, and I REALLY want my OWN show; so many people who know me have encouraged me to go for it and submit the tape–having my own show is and has been my ultimate professional dream…but I simply can’t..not right now. I have two sons (almost 12, and 8). I take them to school and pick them up nearly every day. I know their friends, I know their teachers. I also work–I write articles, do TV spots, write books, do blogs, shoot videos, and have what I consider to be a REAL job (though my schedule is fortunately quite flexible). If I sat my family down and discussed this opportunity with them, they would tell me to go for it..that they’d support me. I know they would back me up 100% if I got the job. But sometimes dreams and reality collide. I cannot leave my family, even for such a relatively short amount of time. It’s just not something I’m willing to do. If it were for several days here and there, on some sort of fixed schedule, I’m sure I could work it out. Helen Gurley Brown once said “women can have it all but not at the same time.” How right she was. I was honored to meet this very gracious and smart woman last year at an intimate concert with Michael Feinstein and Cheyenne Jackson, and told her how glad I was she had said that and how right she is.

I know someday, when the time is right, I will have my own tv show so that I can enlighten, inspire, and educate others about how to live a more healthful, nutritious, active, and productive lifestyle. For now, I will continue to do the work I love, take any and all opportunities that I believe in and can work into my family life, and stay tuned to watch OWN and the person who ends up getting what possibly might have, could have, should have (at least in MY dreams) been my OWN show (perhaps it will be my esteemed colleague, registered dietitian Evelyn Tribole? You can see her terrific audition tape and vote for her at

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