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Fit Corner: An Interview with FitKit Co-Founder Amie Hoff

As a health and nutrition expert and avid walker and fitness lover, I’m always looking for ways to stay fit on the road and encourage others to do the same. A few years ago, I met Amie Hoff, a NYC-based fitness professional. Hoff, who is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, created FitKit – a portable fitness kit that gives you a full body workout. As it is, few Americans meet current federal physical activity recommendations. That alone makes the FitKit something people can use to easily fit fitness into their lives no matter where they are. Hoff was kind enough to give me a FitKit to try awhile back, and I can honestly say it’s a great tool that makes staying fit realistic and fun.*

I thought it would be fun to interview Hoff about her career path and experience in creating the FitKit. I hope she’ll inspire you as much as she has me!

EZ: How did you get started in the fitness industry?

AH: I moved to NYC to follow a dream of becoming an actress. Rather than working in a bar like most starving artists, I got a job in a gym till I made it BIG!. I have always been athletic, played sports and come from an active family so getting a job in fitness was a natural “fit.” It wasn’t long before my passion to help others get fit, strong and a live a more healthy lifestyle won out. I did bridge the two careers (acting & fitness) and became a stunt woman for a few years. That was good fun!



EZ: What inspired you to create the FitKit?

AH: As my fitness career began to take off, I was offered a number of opportunities to become a spokesperson, media contributor and television personality to share health and fitness info. I love the reward of helping people change their lives and wanted to reach a greater audience. I also wanted to create an additional revenue stream. I tried a number of ideas (a workout clothing line, and a few fitness product concepts) but when I sat down and thought about it, I decided that what people really needed was an affordable workout solution that could be done anytime, anywhere. No excuses!

EZ: What are some of the top challenges you experienced in creating the product?

AH: The biggest challenge was not even knowing HOW to create a product! My sister (who is my business partner) and did everything from sourcing the components and designing the case to learning about importing product, assembly, fulfillment an marketing. I love knowing how every aspect of the business works and have come to let go of control of some of the aspects to focus on those things I’m good at.

EZ: How do you balance all you do day to day with staying fit and practicing what you preach?

AH: Health is a priority of mine, so I have learned to incorporate it into my everyday routine. Luckily, I live in NYC, so I get to walk everywhere. I track my steps and most days get up to 15,000. My cardio of choice is running outdoors, by the river. It’s my time to think, create and let off steam. I’m one of those people that have to workout in the morning or it never happens. Once I take a shower and start my day, it’s almost impossible to get a workout in. During especially busy times when it is more difficult to fit in a full workout, I do a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout, 15 min of yoga, stretching or core work. Even the smallest t bit helps. But I also don’t beat myself up if I get too ray and cant workout. I’m human. And I just focus more on my nutrition on those days, eating extra clean and lots of water.

EZ: What advice do you have (besides watching Shark Tank) for health and fitness experts who are entrepreneurial to get started?

AH: Definitely make sure your idea is viable and it fills a need. Do market research, especially in other countries. Hold focus groups, make a prototype or create and business plan. Know your numbers and think of it as a company/brand rather than just a product or service. So many ideas I had and thought were brilliant, really weren’t. It was hard to accept but thankfully I did a ton of research and focus groups to really get a good understanding of what the market needs and wanted. Lastly. If you believe in your product or service, give it your all. I kept FitKit as a hobby for a few years because I was afraid to go all in. What if it failed? But I needed to know. So I took 3 months off of everything else and gave it 110%. It has really paid off, and FitKit is growing in ways I had never even imagined. Trusting yourself is a scary step but worth the journey!

To learn more about Amie Hoff and FitKit, visit Hoff’s website here.

Full disclosure: Although Hoff gave me a few FitKit, I made no promise to provide a review of it on my site. I have not accepted nor will I receive any compensation from Hoff in exchange for this blog post.

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