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Fiction Friday: Book Review, Extraordinary Means

I’m excited to share this review of Robyn Schneider’s Extraordinary Means (Katherine Tegen Books, May 26, 2015) by Joshua Flores (pictured below), a rising junior from Tustin, California. When Joshua and I met last spring at YALLWEST, we shared an enthusiasm for young adult books. I’m very excited he took me up on my offer to buy him a book of his choice in exchange for a thoughtful review. Enjoy!



In the novel Extraordinary Means*, Robyn Schneider has created a story that deals with sickness, self-discovery, and finding true love. The story is made up of the very diverse perspectives of two teens, Lane and Sadie, who may just come together because of the sickness in their lives. Both Lane and Sadie endure their sickness while longing for their friends and their last year of high school. With constant humor, realistic characters and a moving plot, Robyn Schneider has created a highly appealing young adult novel.

Extraordinary Means is a novel that fully lives up to its title; it is nothing but extraordinary. Robyn Schneider not only tugs at readers’ heartstrings, but also gives them a sense of hope. Both of her characters, Lane and Sadie, are very relatable to teens in both their comical personalities and also in the decisions they make in life. I connected with Lane’s studious attitude, but also with his constant desire for adventure in his life. This novel is very realistic and is sure to make readers laugh and cry as they read it.

I finished Extraordinary Means in nearly one sitting. I was enthralled with both the tragedy of the characters’ lives and the budding romance between Lane and Sadie. While having some elements of similar books such as The Fault in Our Stars, this novel sets itself apart by having lots of comical moments to give readers a break from the sad themes about sickness. Teens 14 years and older are guaranteed to enjoy the adventure and romance of the novel, but adults are just as likely to fall in love with this unique tale. Fans of both John Green and Jennifer Niven are sure to be pleased with Extraordinary Means and to highly anticipate any novels she writes in the future.

*I read an Advance Review Copy of the novel. 

Joshua Flores is currently an editor for the Beckman Chronicle and enjoys both reading and writing. He spends most of his free time writing, and coming up with weird characters for the novel he is working on. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Have you read Extraordinary Means or other work from Robyn Schneider? We’d love to hear from you. 



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