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Welcome to the Food section of Food, Fitness & Fiction. Although you’ll find a lot more about food and nutrition on my Food, Fitness & Fiction blog, here’s a cheat sheet with some food- and nutrition-related articles I’ve written or have been quoted in.

Scroll down to find some of my favorite food and nutrition resources including those for families.


Articles (selected)

4 Tips to Stay Strong When Your Resolutions Falter, Success.com

4 Diet Tweaks That Don’t Suck, Success.com

4 Tips to Bring Back Family Dinners, Success.com

4 Solutions for Staying Healthy When You Travel, Success.com

4 Tips to Eat Healthy When You’re Short on Time, Success.com

Is it OK to Eat Eggs Every Day?, Today.com

Is Healthy Food Really More Expensive?, Today.com

Sweet and Toxic: Is Sugar Really ‘Poison’?, Today.com

Green Coffee Bean Extract Diet: Fat Burner or Lame Buzz?, Today.com

SuperBowl Hangover Detox, Today.com

Want to Try Lebron James’ Paleo Diet? 3 Things We Get Wrong About Carbs, Today.com

Can Miley Cyrus’ Gluten-Free Diet Help You Lose Weight?, Today.com

How to Enjoy Your Daily Meat Without Killing Yourself, Today.com

Cutting Down on Salt? A Guide to Ordering At Restaurants, NBCNews.com

How to Snack Like the Original Skinnygirl, Bethenny Frankel, USNews.com

The One Day Diet, USNews.com

Six Tips to Lower Sodium and Sugar in Toddlers’ Diets, Parents.com

Does Fruit on the Menu Make Fast Food Healthful?, Parents.com

New Rules for Fish Intake, Parents.com

Should Your Kids Go Gluten-Free?, Parents.com

Should Kids Steer Clear of Soda?, Parents.com

Report Cards About Your Kids’ Weight: Good or Bad Idea?, Parents.com

Sports Drinks and Active Kids, Parents.com

The Right to Know About GMOs, Parents.com

Is Fast Food OK for Kids?, Parents.com

Saying No to Artificially Sweetened Milk , Parents.com

Should Your Kids Go Gluten-Free? , Parents.com

Obesity and Children: Can We Reverse the Trend? , Parents.com

How to Help Kids Eat Their Vegetables , Parents.com

An Interview with “The Hungry Hound” Steve Dolinsky, CalorieCount.com

5 New Health Books That Love You Back, CalorieCount.com

How to Avoid Fall Food Challenges, CalorieCount.com


Quotes (selected)

Why You Should Be Eating Carbs for Breakfast, HuffingtonPost.com

How to Cope With Food Cravings, HuffingtonPost.com

How Do I Eat Just One Cookie? EatThis.com

The Number 1 Question Diet Pros Get Asked, EatThis.com

From Chipotle to Starbucks: Is Your Fave on 10 Foods to Avoid List?, Today.com

5 Foods That Can Make You Feel Happier Now, Today.com

Not Fair! Why It’s Harder for Women to Lose Weight Than Men, Today.com

Why You Should Let Your Kids Eat Some Junk Food, Today.com

Breast Milk As Health Food for Men?, Today.com

Some Yogurts Have As Much Sugar as a Twinkie, Today.com

Man Loses 56 Pounds After Eating Only McDonald’s for 6 Months, Today.com

Meet the man who has eaten pizza for every meal for 25 years, Today.com

Too Much Added Sugar Can Do You In, Today.com

Sneaky Risk: Trans Fats Hidden in Yummy Places, Today.com

Iowa Woman Tries Tapeworm Diet, Prompts Doctor Warning, Today.com

Best Way to Get Vitamin A, Today.com

Eating Junk Food May make you crave even more junk food, Today.com

Two Meals a Day May Be Better for Weight Loss Than Grazing, Today.com

Healthy Happy Meal Doesn’t Have to be an Oxymoron, Today.com


Food/Nutrition Resources

Nutrition Blog Network –Here you’ll find a list of hundreds of blogs by registered dietitian nutritionists.

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics –The professional organization of registered dietitian nutritionists for which I was a national media spokesperson for six years.

Center for Science in the Public Interest –A Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group that educates the public about food and nutrition.

For families:

Kids Eat Right –A great resource from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to help kids meet their nutrient needs and enjoy their meals.

SuperKids Nutrition –Melissa provides an array of practical and educational resources that can be used by parents, teachers or anyone who wants to educate and empower children to learn about food and nutrition.

Meal Makeover Moms –The registered dietitian duo Janice Newell-Bissex and Liz Ward help you recreate your favorite dishes so that they’ll still appeal to your family while helping you family meet daily nutrient goals.

ChooseMyPlate.gov –Based on federal food guidelines, a one-stop resource that helps people aged two and older to meal plan and meet daily nutrient and food group goals.

Real Mom Nutrition –Nutrition expert Sally Kuzemchakprovides no-nonsense and science-based advice to help parents feed their kids well without making themselves or their kids insane.

Robyn Webb –Robyn Webb, a culinary pro, provides delicious nutrient-dense recipes.

Nutrition Unplugged –Registered dietitian Janet Helm provides great perspective to a variety of hot food and nutrition topics.


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