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Welcome to the Fitness section of Food, Fitness & Fiction. Although you’ll find a lot more fitness and exercise and tips to help motivate you to #moveitorloseit on my Food, Fitness & Fiction blog, here’s a cheat sheet with some fitness-related articles I’ve written or have been quoted in.   


Articles (selected)

Diet and Fitness Tips to Help You Sleep, USNews.com

Food, Fitness, Sleep, and Connection: Coping with a Mother’s Illness, USNews.com

How Two Women Survived Major Health Challenges, USNews.com

5 Food and Fitness Trends: Healthy or All Hype?, USNews.com

Stay Fit Without Setting Foot in the Gym, USNews.com

How to Eat and Live Better to Beat “Stress Fractures,” USNews.com

Want to Maintain Your Weight? Get Moving, USNews.com

Sports Drinks and Active Kids, Parents.com

Walking More’s Half Marathon, More.com

My Favorite Fitness App, USNews.com 

What Do Coloradans Know About Fitness That You Don’t, USNews.com

5 Tools to Help You Get Healthy in 2014, USNews.com

Why I Hoop, Hoopnotica.com


Quotes (selected)

Stressed Out About Fitting In Workouts?,Self.com

Fitness Apps That Keep Diet Experts in Shape, NY Daily News

6 Tips to Get and Stay Motivated, The Visual MD

Nutrients for Marathon Training, PopSugar.com

Make Over Your Motivation, Fitness Magazine


Fitness Resources

Fitness.gov (President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition)

American College of Sports Medicine

American Council on Exercise


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