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Just about every week, I enjoy putting together a free e-newsletter as a means to share not only nutrition news headlines, but profile the great work (especially books and recipes) of colleagues and friends. Of course I include links to selected magazines, newspapers, or web sites in which I’m quoted and share blogs and articles I write. I also share video clips from recent tv appearances. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my passion for and having a conversation with you about food, nutrition, diet, health and fitness, topics so important to so many of us especially as it’s a challenge for many of us–despite our best efforts–to eat well and move more.

The most popular ZIED GUIDE to date was written a couple of weeks ago. In it I shared a link to the great blog in which I fully disclosed the fact that I’m a Diet Coke addict..and that after 30 or so years, I was going cold turkey. I was amazed to see how interested in and passionate about the diet soda debate people are. This is one reason why I love writing the newsletter, and writing books, articles, and blogs. You never know what’s going to resonate with others, and it’s exciting when something you write generates a conversation (even if some don’t agree with you or what you have to say).

In the days, weeks, months and years ahead, I will continue to share a little bit about myself and, hopefully, provide you, my readers, with useful nutrition and diet-related information, delicious recipes, and resources to help you eat and live better whether you’re single, married, a new or seasoned mom, or enjoying an empty nest. I will also share personal experiences and struggles with making changes in my own diet and lifestyle (and in helping members of my own family do the same), because even though I’m a registered dietitian and health professional, I’m not perfect. But I do try my best to eat well and stay fit to improve the quality of my life, and hope you will continue to do the same.

For those of you who enjoy The ZIED GUIDE, thank you so much for your continued support. And for those of you who are unfamiliar with The ZIED GUIDE, I invite you to take a look at some recent ZIED GUIDE newsletters:

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Elisa Zied is a nationally recognized and award-winning health and nutrition expert, author, speaker, and spokesperson. A trusted source of food, nutrition, and health information, Elisa has garnered millions of media impressions, lending her expertise and real-world perspective to dozens of TV shows, web sites, news organizations and magazines. She’s the author of four nutrition books. An avid walker, she loves motivating others to #moveitorloseit. A book lover, she recently earned a certificate in children’s literature from Stony Brook Southampton and is currently working on several young adult novels. You can find her previous Food, Fitness & Fiction posts here and connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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