Diet Do #4: Create Solutions, Not Resolutions

If you’re like most people, the start of a new year makes you think about all the things you want to change about yourself, all those negative habits you want to overcome or healthful habits you want to incorporate into your life to improve your life. The problem is, despite… Read More

Diet Do #3: Fit In Fidgeting

Does the term couch potato apply to you? Would you much rather sit around than be on the move? Are you constantly on the go, moving from one thing to the next like a chicken without a head? Or are you somewhere in between–you like to be active, but you… Read More

5 Simple Diet Do's To Eat Better & Get (& Stay) Fit In 2010

“Don’t procrastinate”…..growing up, I heard that expression in my home over and over from my dear (dare I say old) dad. I don’t think my dad was speaking specifically to me when he said it (maybe he was talking to my mom and brother, the creative, perhaps less organized ones… Read More

Are You An Entitled Exerciser?

After growing up marginally overweight, unable to run even a mile without stopping (and panting), I moved to Manhattan in the early 90’s. My fiancé (who eventually became my husband) encouraged me to start running with him. I got hooked and decided to challenge myself by running in a race.… Read More