Young Adult Book Review: Wonder Woman Warbinger

The following review of Wonder Woman Warbinger (Random House Books for Young Readers, August 29, 2017) by Leigh Bardugo is from Food, Fitness & Fiction contributing editor Joshua Flores (pictured below). In Wonder Woman Warbringer, Leigh Bardugo depicts the teenage years of princess Diana. With magical lassos, world destruction, and… Read More

8 Healthy Dorm Room Snacks

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Hope Lingers

  How do you hope when it feels out of reach How do you hope when the haters leach Their anger, their madness into the air   The stench of their fury too awful to bear When you look up to find the answers you need A strong, courageous mentor to… Read More

Young Adult Book Review: Words in Deep Blue

The following review of Words in Deep Blue (Random House, June 6, 2017) by Cath Crowley  is from Food, Fitness & Fiction contributing editor Amber Lee (pictured below). Here’s a description from Amazon: Years ago, Rachel had a crush on Henry Jones. The day before she moved away, she tucked… Read More

So You Fight!

  Maroon Bells, Aspen, Colorado, July 2017   When it looks like your world is falling apart, When you lose your balance, your patience, your heart You reach for, collect, and gather the threads Of things you don’t understand as you try to make sense You read, you examine, you… Read More

Young Adult Book Review: Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy

The following review of Ramona Blue (Balzer & Bray, May 9, 2017) is from Food, Fitness & Fiction contributing editor Josh Flores (pictured below).     In Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy, another strong and human female character—one who defines herself by the trailer she lives in and the color… Read More

A List of Cages: An Interview with Author Robin Roe

If you follow my Food, Fitness & Fiction blog, you know that when I truly love a book, I love it deeply. I love it so much that I immediately want to interview (if not meet) the author, and I want everyone I know to read and love the book… Read More