What I’d Tell My 46-Year-Old Self

  We’ve all seen some great pieces about what people would tell their younger selves. I particularly loved my Columbia University instructor (and celebrated author) Nova Ren Suma’s Dear Teen Me entry. After a year of growth and change, and in honor of my 46th birthday, I decided that instead of writing to my former self, giving    Continue Reading

Fiction Friday: My Interview About EVERYTHING with Nicola Yoon

  Several months ago, I was thrilled to meet debut author Nicola Yoon at YALLWEST. Her new book, Everything, Everything (Delacorte Press, September 1, 2015), has hit shelves and I have no doubt it will be a book that resonates with teen readers (and adults like me who are really teens at heart). I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful, creative story    Continue Reading

Experts Say Soda Can Be As Addictive as Cocaine

See what two RDs (including me) have to say about soda on CBS News. 

Food: 5 Back to School Lunch Tips

Believe it or not, it’s back to school time for many kids across the country. If you’re a parent who packs lunch for your kids, don’t despair! Here are five tips from three top registered dietitians to help you pack a nutritious, delicious and safe lunch your kids are sure to love.  Go to the    Continue Reading

Food: 5 Simple Tips to Keep Summer Sweet

With summer in full swing, I hope you’re eating some good for you fruit. Too often, I hear people say, “Doesn’t fruit have too much sugar?” To this, I respond, “Fruit does contain natural sugar, but it also packs in tons of vitamins and minerals. It also contains beneficial plant chemicals that fight damage from free radicals–unstable substances    Continue Reading


Sushi Roll Orders Approved By Nutritionists

Fiction Friday: Book Review, Extraordinary Means

I’m excited to share this review of Robyn Schneider’s Extraordinary Means (Katherine Tegen Books, May 26, 2015) by Joshua Flores (pictured below), a rising junior from Tustin, California. When Joshua and I met last spring at YALLWEST, we shared an enthusiasm for young adult books. I’m very excited he took me up on my offer    Continue Reading

Changing Up Your Fitness Routine

If you know me, you know I typically post my daily workouts. When I’m home (in New York City), and especially during the warm summer months, my Nike sneakers typically take me to various parts of Central Park. I always love it there but recently decided to switch things up and take a walk along the    Continue Reading