About Me


I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist, author, and freelance food and nutrition writer based in New York City. I live in Manhattan with my two sons, Spencer, 17, and Eli, 13 and my husband of 22 years, Brian. I feel very fortunate to have found a career I’m extremely passionate about.

Every day I try to infuse my passion for living a healthful, balanced and enjoyable life into my work. My goal is to empower others—a working woman with three kids, a new mom, a stay-at-home mom, an empty nester, children, and teens, and families—to take the steps to create their own nutritious and active life.

Through articles, blogs, television and video segments, print and online interviews, speaking engagements and spokesperson work, my goal has always been to translate information garnered from often times confusing scientific studies on food, nutrition, diet, fitness and health into practical, real world solutions consumers can apply and integrate into their own lives. I constantly read and stay in the loop about topics that resonate with consumers, and do my best to provide accurate, science-based information that makes sense so that consumers feel empowered to then take action to better their food and fitness habits.

What makes me unique is that I’m a real person! I am a food, nutrition and fitness expert that loves chocolate (and eats some every day) and even enjoys an occasional hot dog or Krispy Kreme donut. I’m the first to admit some of the foods I truly enjoy aren’t the most healthful. But I also love a lot of nutritious foods including Brussels sprouts, carrots, grapefruit, cherries, unsalted nuts and tomatoes. I eat a mostly healthful diet and am able to keep portions of sweets and treats down. I don’t drink alcohol, and at the end of 2011, I finally gave up my long-standing Diet Coke® habit. My numbers for cholesterol and blood pressure and blood sugar are all where they should be, and I have successfully maintained a weight loss of over 30 pounds for years since my high weight in high school.

Although my mother certainly did her best to raise my brother and I, the fact that she once weighed over 250 pounds made her fear that we, too, would struggle with our weight. We had little junk food in the house, though we went to Burger King and feasted on large bags of potato chips or Doritos when we went to the movies.

My weight fluctuated all through high school and early college, and if I wasn’t as active as I was, playing volleyball and tennis and ice-skating, I probably would have been heavier. I ate too much and sometimes ate food out of sight from my mom, who paid too much attention to what and how much I was eating because she feared I’d struggle with my weight the way she did.

My early experiences shaped who I am today (for better or worse), and led me to a career in which I work hard to not only raise my children to be active and healthful, mindful eaters (and yes—we have a pantry filled with their favorite snacks), but to pass on the wisdom from my personal and professional experiences and studies to help others to find a way to eat and live that’s not only healthful, but that’s enjoyable and sustainable. I also work hard to show others where there’s a will there’s a way, and whatever demands, challenges, stressors or obstacles we may face in life—a diagnosis, caring for an older parent or young children, dealing with deadlines, facing an unexpected illness or death of a loved one—we can find a way to care for and nourish ourselves to continue to feel empowered and preserve the vitality and vibrancy we all want in our lives.

I take pride in not taking an all or nothing approach to food or fitness. This approach can only lead to creating unrealistic expectations and setting yourself up for disappointment when you can’t achieve or maintain those ideals. I try to help people make better food and fitness decisions depending on where they are in terms of their food and fitness habits and attitudes. By my own example, and by the knowledge garnered from my studies and experience working with others, I try to inspire and motivate others to create their most vibrant life possible.

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